Monday, March 25, 2013

Contour Shoe Blog

               I must say that contour drawing is very hard (especially blind contour) never really have i been good at drawing shoes, and out of the three or four shoe contours that I drew, none of them were to my liking. however I did notice i got better at contour drawing throughout this assignment specifically at the beginning with blind contour of the and and the three modified contour hand drawings.
Dog Stencil

           This was a great project, however it was rather tedious work with the X-acto knife and actually creating the stencils. but after that it wasn't that hard and it was pretty fun. personally mine got messed up and i had to go through and redo a few of the colors. To me this project was pretty successful, though it could have come out a little bit better, but in all this project was very fun and I look forward to more projects like this one!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

value shape thingys

I found the layers pro app for the ipad easier to use because it was much easier to blend the colors. During this assignment i learned how to draw on the ipad with out ruining the screen XD. and more importantly i learned what app to use. technology is useful to art because its now easy to comunicate.