Art 2 final

Stick-y Situation
1.This most definitely successful project of the year. the theme was "sticky situation with repetition." the decisions I made most definitely affected the painting in a good way. The shade of yellow I chose for me at least really contracted the red/brown I used for the table/box.

2.This was my least successful project, it was my one of my sketches for the "close up" project. not my final piece. i didn't really like how un-symmetrical it is and it just in general could have been way better and had way more depth. 


3. these two pieces show me as an artist grow, the one on the left (charcoal & pencil) being the first piece we did all year, and the right (acrylic paint) being the last piece we did all year.  you can see that the one on the right is so much better than the one on the left.

4. the two mini lessons I chose were the paintings we did on paper and put together to make one big famous painting. and the other being the plaster clay animals. both of these mini assignments were really fun and very beneficial to me working with acrylic and clay later in the semester.

5. My favorite medium to work with would have to be the acrylic paint or just regular pencil. both of which i enjoy a lot and am fairly decent with. but my favorite medium that we didn't work with this semester is spray paint or markers are my two actual favorite mediums.

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